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Gullibility :iconschandlich:Schandlich 139 70
Nepeta by Schandlich Nepeta :iconschandlich:Schandlich 0 6
The Night Runners
In the evening we will rise, and in the night we'll run
To bid adieu to brighter skies and toward the sunken sun
The man in black will lift his bones
And say, "Wherefore go ye?"
"We go the way of all flesh to join the great majority."
When widows cry
"Go past, go past, that you not haunt us still!"
And vermin cry
"Run fast, run fast, that we may eat our fill!"
When the time has ticked its last
And from our day we flee
He who hath wrought long 'fore I
Will come and welcome me
"This is our great escape!" we'll say
And shed our skin like fleece.
Into the earth we all roll toiling
Where tongue and teeth will cease.
:iconschandlich:Schandlich 4 3
I don't have a poem, so I know that I won't be noticed
click, clack, click
My fingers skid across the keyboard without
Wit, thought,
So fast that I forget what I've typed and what I've I've begun to repeat
Marking each key with with desperate enthusiasm
My hands are black
My keyboard is black
My clothes are black
I find no soothing calm, however, from the habitual mantra of coloring
Grey matter struggles but loosens words and fleeting thoughts
Click clack—
"R" "A" "G" "E"
Th most usd kys on my kybod.
I don't have a poem,
I will not be acknowledged among the the the bones licked of flesh, used to pick teeth and thrown away.
The block has hit me again.
My metaphorical mind has a concussion and its metaphorical mind is dead
The monster will only find one meat sweet.
So I pick at the most mouthwatering of flesh from my cranium and grill it medium rare
He watches an autistic boy stretch his hands high, looking for butterflies.
The making of the disgruntled fath
:iconschandlich:Schandlich 4 4
A Perpetrator's Revelation
The light outside won't stop flickering…. The city blinks its eyes, breathes. The natives blemish her with dice and bullets leaving bountiful mounds of sex and cocaine as hand-me-downs to the next generation. She endeavors to rise up and pry the people from out of her seedy womb with murder and pestilence. They strong-arm and bruise her face with plows and new malls. They're free as birds down there. Free to rape the concrete with graffiti and massacre common sense among thousands.
I justify to myself that, "We're not different. We just don't condone each other." The light outside shivers on, flickers off. Are we truly opposite sides of the spectrum? Or has an identical brother long seen its sibling's similarity and condemened it out of spite...
Upon the opening of the courthouse door, I understood the happiness that which true vindication could reek upon the mind. Liberty was my woman, my confident, and my nourishment. I bit into th
:iconschandlich:Schandlich 2 3
Not Once
I cannot shake the feeling
That I have never met you once.
Not once.
Somehow still, with the philosophy of you,
Comes a sort of ecstasy.
You are my Abel, made to feast on the fatted calves
Seen as the goodly child,
While I lay emaciated
Thieving your scraps from the desert traps,
Miles wandered past the gates of Eden.
Truly, we are, brothers, are we not?
Both of us riddled with scars of our divine destruction.
Damned to repeat.
Damned to shed blood.
Warm and sweaty...
Through another life I lead nations and made mothers of my own sisters and
Was father to the daughters of those sisters, my nieces.
Grandfather to my children.
Sire of many and loved by all of my women, save those that I suffer to have dispatched.
So, who are you to me, Abel?
Are you my blight or my luxury?
Or the harmonized presence of each
Like the fire that etched my first kingly scars?
The distant flicker of the fire I laid my hands upon as child...
My mothers smile.
"So Hot"
My hands
:iconschandlich:Schandlich 4 2
Phantom Dawn
I've known you and never known you for four years now.
Your presence is as potent as a fading dawn,
and the last traces of mint
Making strange flavors after sticks and sticks of bubblegum.
We've subsisted and coexisted in our haunting schism,
I, praying to God that the sickly affections
Of my wilting infatuation
die with the morning.
But morning becomes evening in muteness and we sit side by side,
speaking inaudibly with shut mouths and sullen inner health
Cleaving, our descrete bedding shoulders you and I when the sun has made our bedroom walls orange with its luminosity.
The instant becomes hours, until your heat warms my covers
for just a moment of denial to comfort each other with lies.
By day, you'll disremember them, fantasizing the threads of that moment,
faint and fleeting, had unstitched themselves from the blanket of time.
Night comes and stars pilfer the sunlight quickly like filches.
My covers have become cold, lips have left ghosts of false fondness on me,
and when I wake,
:iconschandlich:Schandlich 3 5
Small Towns
Small Towns
I felt the cold metallic floor beneath my battered feet and new that I was going mad. The walls, it seemed, were speaking to me. Their peeled paint and off colors knew only cruel words. I looked for consolation from the front door and found that the brass knob agreed with the walls, and the peep hole was too frightened to give its two cents. My silent companion pulled a cigarette and lit it with a match, he and his filthy, stinking air pollution. I felt sick, and the atmosphere was becoming thick with his lung caking, cancer smoke.
I scratched my head until my scalp was raw and it hurt. I sat down on the chair and rubbed my stubbled chin ceaselessly. Finally it was too much and my eyes began to tear. I snapped at him.
"Hal!" I cried, "Put that thing out will ya?" perhaps louder than necessary. It woke him from his daze. He was a tall brunette with a long, hooked nose and lightly bearded cheeks. His eyes were feverish and spoke of many nights of sleeplessness, and frequent p
:iconschandlich:Schandlich 2 0
That girl
That Girl
I fell in love with her seven minutes ago.
It was not the pleasure of her aesthetic charms that made my heart warm at the thought of her or my groin tighten with that instinctual craving. I wanted her just because she was. No woman could be more beautiful than in this way.
"Byron, pay attention will you?"
My surroundings materialized around me, seeming to emerge out of nothing. I put my head down in my hands, mindful of the studded cuff link and the gentle fabric of my sleeve. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and yawned. I pretended that I hadn't been watching. Olivia made for the tray to her left, snatched a mint and stuffed it into her greedy mouth. Her mascara laden eyes squeezed shut in piggish joy. She made soft, squelchy noises as she chewed.
"Gosh, people just leave these things lying around, don't they?" My once beloved wife picked her teeth with the tip of her pinky nail and spat into a napkin. Her curly blonde head fell forward sharply as if jerked by a noose. She fo
:iconschandlich:Schandlich 2 7
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
...I dunno.
I'm pretty new here (not really, I've just started participating now) so I hope that I can meet the standards of folk of such high quality. I like a lot of things, but I can't remember them all right now. I write stories (horror, tragedy, fantasy, mystery...horror...and the occasional comedy), but I have horrible writer's block. I draw a lot of things. I also have been pretty lazy in continuing to draw. I also sculpt...
I take requests and if you have an interesting story idea, I'll write it. I am bad at romance, fluff and any genre that I haven't listed above.

Man, I suck at this.


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